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Wild Long-Fin “Marbled” Eels For Sale

Our Long-Fin “Marbled” eels (Anguilla reinhardtii) are sourced from the pristine waters of NSW to as far north as northern Queensland. Closely resembling China’s Anguilla marmorata, our Long-Fin marbled eels display the greenish-brown to black marbling on their back and white belly characteristic of this species.

Size: 500g up to 9Kg

Availability: All year round

Packing: Polyfoam esky

Freight: By Air

Minimum Order (Export): 300Kg

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Wild Short-Fin “Unagi” Eels For Sale

Our Short-Fin “Unagi” eels (Anguilla australis) are sourced from the pristine waters of NSW to south-east Queensland. They are the perfect option for processing into kabayaki as they are similar in size and appearance to Japan’s Anguilla japonica.

Size: 250g to 350g

Availability: All year round

Packing: Polyfoam esky

Freight: By Air

Minimum Order (Export): 300Kg

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Harvesting Techniques

Our live eel harvesting techniques are consistent with the requirements of the Australian Commonwealth Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (1999); thereby ensuring the long term sustainability of live eel stocks and protection of the natural environment.

Australian Eels is AQIS export approved (Registered Est. 5630) and SafeFood registered. Both certifications are upgraded annually to meet industry standards. As such, Australian Eels adheres to stringent Quality Control and HACCP procedures. This guarantees our live eels are expertly graded, packed under controlled conditions and free from contaminants.

We currently supply export markets throughout the world including Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.

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Manager Samuel Bell with large Marbled eel


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